HeART Matters

by SherylBrown on June 14, 2008

I have to tell you about a new friend I made on FaceBook recently. Susan Schanerman was admiring some of my art work, and expressing some limitations she was experiencing with getting pictures onto her blog. Only a couple of suggestions from me, and she was off and running, really excited and pleased.

When I went to check her blog, I found she had bragged on me in it! Pretty cool, huh? Check it out right here: http://susanschanerman.blogspot.com/2008/05/artist-within.html And I only just now saw that I am one of her favorite links! Warms my heart and makes me smile!

Well, there’s more. Susan started a group on FaceBook called HeART Matters, and you can “see” all about it right here http://groups.to/heartmatters (Really, there is no .com at the end of that link.) And it turns out, the membership of this informal group is exploding in less than a week, and we have a HeART Gallery there! Yes, and yours truly has posted 4 paintings so far!

Stayed tuned, and I’ll be letting you know of another place I have posted my art online. If you’re a raving fan of mine, you’re gonna love it!

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