Ever wished you could paint?

by SherylBrown on November 17, 2011

Have you ever wished you could paint? Are you game enough to try?

Even if you think you’re not artistic, picking up a paint brush (loaded with paint, of course!) under the guidance of a mapcap artist such as myself might lead to some very surprising things..!

Drumroll please….  for Kate & Sheryl’s Artful Adventure.. Join us for a unique blend of Kate’s Hand Wisdom http://www.HandWisdom.com (hand analysis) and applied, adventurous painting..

We will bring this together with a sprinkle of Money Breakthrough Methods (TM), and help you see where your creativity can be unleashed in your business, so you can really get launched as a money making enterprise.

In the meantime, we could sure use your feedback in planning the event. Take a few fun minutes to answer these quick questions about venue, etc. , even if you have no idea of whether you can attend. Just click on this link..


We’ll be drawing a name from those taking the survey to win (can you guess?) some Sheryl Brown Art..!

Thanks so much for joining our brainstorming play ;D

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