"Cloud Dance" featured on Vicky White’s blog!

by SherylBrown on April 20, 2008

Exciting news–my good friend Vicky White has featured my painting, “Cloud Dance” on her blog! Not only is this a tremendous compliment to me, but it also increases my exposure as an artist. To see her blog post on my art, click here www.lifedesignstrategies.com/blog/?p=37 .

Vicky has been doing some serious list building the last several years, and has many loyal readers. To her credit, she is a very engaging writer, and speaks to some very critical issues in our world at large, as well as in our personal world in particular. A former professional photographer, she is also very creative in her business as a coach. The fact that I finally have an art blog is partly due to her influence.

To see more of what Vicky does and has to offer, click on this link http://www.profcs.com/app/?af=736391 . You will find your creative soul very much inspired by Vicky’s coaching.

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