Insiders Group on Facebook – Join us..!

by SherylBrown on June 4, 2016


We’ve got a fun Insiders group for Sheryl Brown Art fans started over at Facebook. You might like to have a look..!

It’s a good little community already, with #FreebieFriday where I give away hand signed Fine Art Giclee Notecard Reproductions (which work great as Frameable Art), and who knows what else I might be up to? Read more…


Wine, Women and Art – Men Included..!

by SherylBrown on February 16, 2016

Sheryl Brown Art - Local Show at Trinkets and Treasures

Join us Saturday from 3 to 7pm on March 12th
at Trinkets and Treasures in Fall City, WA
for a delightful art show featuring
the silk scarves and fine art reproductions of
Sheryl Brown Art..


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New from the Easel – Two for One Special

by SherylBrown on December 18, 2015

Your first choice..
BalloonsMoonscapeTxtBalloons and Moon
“Balloons on Steroids” together with “Moonscape”




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Purse Scarves for the Accessory Challenged

by SherylBrown on October 29, 2015

Firecracker Love Purse Scarf 100% Silk

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If you’re looking for your muse, your community where you can share your art and other creative works, check out the creative coaching group I’ve got going here on Facebook..!

We’d love to have you join us at Sheryl Brown Art and Creative Coaching on Facebook 😉


Reviving a special.. Clue is last May..!

by SherylBrown on May 16, 2014

Just to celebrate #TakeaDay and #LikeableLeague here is a revival of an offer from last May.. Can you find it..? Clue: Just scroll back in the blog posts 😉



by SherylBrown on May 13, 2014

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Let’s do it..!


An Array of Silk Scarves – Which one do you love..?

by SherylBrown on December 6, 2013

An Array of Sheryl Brown Wearable Art Silk Scarves featuring Ocean Swell

An Array of Silk Scarves

Here’s a lineup of our Wearable Art silk scarves, available for your Holiday gifting *and* for treating yourself..!

Which one do you love..?

(I’m wearing one of my favorites, “Ocean Swell” in this image.)

There’s still time to have one in the mail before Christmas.. Will this be the year you own a Sheryl Brown Art silk scarf..?


Offering Regular Notecards via Fine Art America

by SherylBrown on September 19, 2013

Too Blue 9

"Too Blue 9" Collage

New offering: I’ve just created a way for you to order affordable notecards via Fine Art America.

You can buy a single notecard, or get some great price breaks when you order 10 or 25. Do check it out..!

(Note that these are not the Fine Art Giclee Notecards you can purchase directly on this website, which are more like frameable art.)

Let me know how this experiment goes.. We aim to please 😉

Pictured here from top to bottom, left to right are these acrylic paintings from Sheryl Brown Art:

Alpine Joy, Summer Daze, Berry Bubbles
Blue Purple Rising, All About Blueberries, Midnight Ocean
Baby Beluga, Ocean Swell, Moonlit Dreams

PS I’m sponsoring the following pages.. See what you think, and comment with your feedback..

sky photos
summer art
sun photos


Ways to Wear a Scarf.. Count them out..!

by SherylBrown on July 30, 2013

"Ocean Swell" Worn as Headband collage

Ocean Swell Worn as Headband with collage

How many ways can you wear a scarf..? Here’s one playful way that evokes the 70’s for some of us.. as a headband..!

Recently, I was beach walking, and saw a young man wearing a long narrow scarf draped across the top of his head with the long sides hanging down over his ears. A hat topped it off. Novel..

What are some of your favorite ways to wear a scarf? Write and tell me, I love hearing from you 😉

(PS The rest of the images in the collage are from the Silk Scarf Collection.. To see images of the different scarves, just tab over to Enjoy..!)